About Us

some general information
about the collective
as a group

[ under construction ]


Do use plural they/them pronouns when
referring to the system as a group.

Do address us collectively as "Teyviary,"
"Teyvians," "the collective,"
"the system," "y'all," "you guys,"
"the Collective Teyviary," or "CT."

Do address whomever is present in
an interaction by their own name,
if they tell you what it is.

Do feel free to ask for
clarification about anything.


Don't refer to us as "alters,"
"headmates," "parts," etc.

We exclusively use the terms
"system members," "Teyvians,"
"collective members,"
"others," or "systemfolk."

Don't address us collectively as "Tey,"
"CT," or "Teyviary" in a singular way.


The "Teyviary" (pronounced like "aviary")
is the name of our innerverse.

An individual system member is called
a "Teyvian" (like "avian") of the Teyviary.

The plural of "Teyvian" is "Teyvians."

"Creations of the Teyviary"
is the preferred term over
"OCs" or "soulbonds."


We do not consent to any past abusers
violating no-contact, here or anywhere else,
in any way, for any reason.

No exceptions.